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Amazonas Baby World Koala Baby Hammock 2
Amazonas Baby World Koala Baby Hammock 3
Amazonas Baby World Koala Baby Hammock 4

Swing Baby Swing!

Koala £99.99

0 to 9 months

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The Koala is a baby hammock and stand. 

The Koala baby hammock gently rocks your baby to sleep. The snug shape provides comfort and security. By taking weight off baby's tummy, the hammock also provides relief when s/he has trapped wind. 

The Koala is lightweight and can easily be assembled without tools. Its portability allows parents to keep their baby close by, in the house or garden or whilst visiting family/friends. 

Recommended accessory: Sunny/Sunny Cacao Lined Hammock Blanket.

Dimensions: approx. 161 x 55 x 45 cm
Lying surface: approx. 110 x 60 cm
Fabric: approx. 215 g/m²
Weight: approx. 3,6 kg
Load capacity: max. 15 kg
Age: 0 - 9 months