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Lauren Ingram tests
Gummee Glove

About Lauren Ingram

 Lauren is a stay at home mum to 21 week old Erin.

Score: 9
The size of the glove was perfect for my daughter, she was able to hold the glove with both hands comfortably to chew and look at. Erin also used the glove when fastened to her wrist, meaning it wouldn't drop onto the floor and become dirty like her other toys which I clean non stop (bless her). The colour stood out and I was pleasantly surprised, the combination of colours I loved they were bright and Erin's eyes lit up when I showed her the glove for the first time. She was itching to get her hands on it and get chewing. Best thing for me was fact I was able to find the glove in a hurry especially when in her changing bag and when Erin was creating. The fabric itself was ideal for my daughter wasn't tough on her teeth and when using the product she wasn't in discomfort in any way like other products she has used. The plastic on either side of the glove was just right in texture, not too hard. Erin uses the glove daily and soaks it through, however one good thing is drys very quickly keeping me at ease so she doesn't form any sores around her mouth. Erin enjoyed the crinkly patch as it made a loud noise, the black and white colour stood out to her and she learnt that that section would make a different noise. Erin tried using the teething ring however she does not need this yet as her teeth have not come through.
Score: 9
Fit for purpose
I received all items that were described on the box. The glove was a reasonable size and shape for Erin to use. The adjustable fit was ideal for Erin's wrists. I did have comments that the glove looked huge on her hand however I did not feel this was an issue. Erin was able to twist and turn the glove when she wanted to and soon told me when she got frustrated. The strap has not worn considering how many times we used it. The first time Erin used the glove and I strapped it on her she didn't acknowledge it was there, proving to me the weight etc was just right.
Score: 8
Ease of use
When washing the glove I went by the instructions on the box however when collecting it from the washing machine it came out of the bag. I was worried it was going to be damaged or colour would run. But all was ok and didn't take long to dry either which is always a winner. With the teething ring at first I didn't realise how the ring would come out for erin to hold, until I saw the small popper inside. This is great as rather than loosing the item as it was a separate piece you put back into the pouch and stored securely. Erin did use the teething ring whilst attached, making sense that it does not always have to be completely removed. By simply pulling on the ring it extends to a functional length.
Score: 9
Value for money
The retail price for this product is £12.99 which I feel is a respectable price for the market. When I asked the question to my parents about how much they would pay for this item they said between £12 and £15 which wasn't far off the actual selling price. I would pay for the Gummee Glove at this cost if I knew the product was a success. I read a lot of reviews on items I'm interested in before I purchase and make a decision depending on the rate it's given. Due to the fact the glove has been a success with my daughter Erin, I would be more than happy to pay that price. I have been highly recommending this item to all my friends and family for their current or future babies. Very pleased and will continue to use the glove until she grows out of it.
Score: 9

Erin's 1st try - the glove appeared heavy to hold however when strapped to her wrist she didn't acknowledge the glove was even there, proving the size and weight was just right. At this point Erin was very frustrated due to teething pain, once I directed the glove to her mouth she was unsettled. As soon as she knew what the glove could do she was calmer and chomping away on the rubber pieces quite happily and had a huge cheeky smile on her face. Was heart warming to see.

I did find Erin wanted to reach the back of her gums and as the rubber pieces were not long enough for this she resulted in using her hands. However this is not a bad thing as it would only become a hazard if they were to be such length.

The colour is perfect for me, easy to find when we need it in a hurry and the storage bag allows you to keep the product in good condition, not to become dusty like her other toys and avoid being damaged. 

The colour combinations were also a bonus for Erin as it was bright and inviting.

Erin now associates the glove with helping her teeth, well I would like to think so, as soon as I show her the glove she grabs it and it's straight to her mouth. She doesn't just use it as a solution for teething but it's a toy too. The crinkly fabric and added pieces creates different textures and a bit of fun for her during her day. Big thumbs up.

When Erin was using the glove for teething in trying to take that pain away it helped in a way of distracting her. Soothing her gums, I could see her expressions changing positively when chewing on not only the fabric but the rubber also. The rubber ring did not please her, but I do believe this is because she hasn't got those teeth through as of yet. When they do I'm sure it will make a difference. 
I went to a gathering with my partner and their friends with babies. All the mums loved the glove and one mother said they would be interested to try and wean their child from sucking their thumb and using the glove instead. 
I must say everywhere I went I had fantastic comments about the Gummee Glove just from how they saw Erin using and thoroughly enjoying the product. It's not only put a smile on my babies face but made me happier to see her satisfied and content.

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