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Cassandra Mayers tests
Gummee Glove

About Cassandra Mayers

Cassie is a stay at home mum to 7 month old Lily.

Score: 10
Great colours, Unisex and contrasty :D
Score: 8
Fit for purpose
She definitely chews on it so it does the job! But can easily be taken off by clever baby hands.
Score: 7
Ease of use
Tricky to get on, but great that the Gummee heart comes out.
Score: 10
Value for money
I've had more use out of the heart ring than the glove, and knowing how good the heart is I now would pay the price.
Score: 9

We got more use out of the purple heart Gummee ring than the glove. She loved it and gripped onto it really well and didn't accidentally drop it like she has with some of the teething rings in the past. She would chew and chew on it and rub it from side to side on her gums. BEST teething ring I've used. 

I found that the glove was tricky to get on as it's  quite padded, and if I didn't get it on properly, sometimes it would fling off if she threw her arms about. Also, we had to take the heart ring out because she would just pull the heart and pull the glove off. 
When using the glove alone, she would chew on it, mostly she would chew on the crinkle bit, not sure if that's because she liked the noise or that was just the way her hand went to her mouth. 

I probably won't use the glove now she is a little older, I would say it's better for younger babies who aren't  as clever at pulling them off,  but that Gummee heart will be used every day until she has teeth I would say :)

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