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Parent Tests of Snugglebundl

Real parents test and review some of our favourite baby products


Sarah M

I found the Snugglebundl really useful for lifting Issy in, especially in the weeks following birth as although I didn’t have a section I ...

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I found the snugglebundl useful whilst I was recovering from my cesarean section and would recommend it to other Mums for those early ...

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Kirsty W

When I first heard of this product I thought it sounded great and in theory it is but practically it did not live up to my expectations and...

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I think this product is a good idea and I'd definitely consider buying it for someone who'd had a c-section or a difficult birth and nee...

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Snugglebundl is the world’s first lifting wrap for babies! The multi-award winning blanket allows you to lift your baby in and out of car seats, moses baskets and prams without waking them. Snugglebundl is a fantastic help for lifting your baby after a C-section and can really help post-birth recovery time.

This multi-functional blanket can be used to:

Securely Wrap & Move Babies as They Sleep

Getting babies to sleep is one thing but keeping them asleep when you move them is quite another! The fully safety tested Snugglebundl has strong, soft handles which allows you to effortlessly lift and move your sleeping baby without waking them whilst fully supporting your baby's head, neck and spine.

Baby Travel Wrap/Shawl

Travelling with baby has never been easier thanks to the Snugglebundl! With your baby safely wrapped in a Snugglebundl, you can gently lift them in and out of car seats, prams, moses baskets and even supermarket trolley seat without disturbing them. Armed with this ideal baby travel wrap, the world really is your oyster! 

Helps lifting after birth

This ingenious wrap helps you to maintain good posture, avoiding awkward bending and stooping. The Snugglebundl is ideal for mums who have had a C-section as it's really important that your tummy muscles have a chance to heal so it's essential that you don't put too much strain on your stomach. The Snugglebundl helps to take the strain away from your back, pelvic and stomach muscles, allowing you to enjoy a much speedier post birth recovery. 

Breast Feeding cover

The Snugglebundl is ideal for breastfeeding in public, providing a no fuss and discreet breastfeeding cover.

RRP : £39.95

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Tel:07760 257456